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Here are some useful articles to help you manage your business a little better. Imagine Software Development Corporation does not make any claims as to their accuracy nor their effectiveness

Tire { Tire terminology...
{ How is a tire constructed?
{ What do the numbers on a tire mean?
{ 10 Tips for Truck & Trailer tire safety.
{ What causes irregular tire wear?
{ How to drive safe.
{ What is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Money { Tips for small business success.
{ How profitable is my business?
{ Current ratio and working capital.
{ Am I borrowing enough money or too much?
{ What exactly is depreciation?
{ How do I improve my credit management?
{ Sample collection policy.

Accounting { The language of Accounting.
{ Accounting 101.
{ The basic components of an accounting system.
{ What are Income statements?
{ What is a General ledger?
{ What is a Balance Sheet?

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