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Tire Management Systems (TMS)

Tire Management Systems (TMS) Click here for an overview of the Tire Management Systems (TMS)...


The Tire Management System (TMS) is an extremely powerful tool, which in its scaled down version is an integral part of the Integrated Transportation System (ITS). TMS was created for our government and non trucking commercial clients as well as our Trucking clients, that need a total solution to better manage their Tires.

TMS is a complete software application, which is capable of accurately tracking 1,000 - 10,000,000 tires. It treats each tire as a “Cost Center” and keeps track of every expense incurred during the life of the tire. TMS utilizes RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to better track your tires doing away with expensive “Cloth” bar codes (which never work anyway) and “Branding” of tires. (Average cost per tire is between 35 Cents - $1.75 depending on information stored)

TMS provides you the capability to generate purchase, repair and inspection orders. and the capability to “check-in” tires received as part of a purchase order. It also keeps track of “Unfilled” orders and reminds you accordingly.

TMS provides your mechanics the capability to requisition tires as part of a in-house repair order, with accurate tracking of tires provided and repair orders filled, with automatic updates to your inventory.

TMS provides you the capability to manage tire purchases, inventory and repairs from a single site (Enterprise edition)

TMS reminds you, based on a user defined timeframe, when

An inspection is due
A tire rotation is due
A mounted tire’s tread is approaching an illegal depth
Tires on back order not received within a promised date
Outstanding Purchase orders

Provides you with unlimited user capability

The Enterprise edition provides you with unlimited sites network capability where “local” databases update a central processor in a “Live” scenario (i.e. after each transaction).

The list goes on and on. Contact us and we will tell you more...


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