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Overview of ITS.



The Integrated Transportation System (ITS) is the total solution to managing your business. Being "modular" in design, each module is capable of functioning by itself or as part of the whole application. The following are the modules that comprise ITS:

Rental Agreement, Drayage (Delivery, Pickup & Re-spot), Special Rates, Standard Rates, Credit Worthiness, TIR (Inbound/Outbound Trailer Inspection Report), Miscellaneous Item Rental, Annual, Monthly, Weekly & Term Billing Option, Customer Insurance Expiration Warning, Past Due Warnings, Work Orders, etc.

Sales Agreement, Drayage (Delivery & Pickup), Directions, Rate generation, Miscellaneous Item Sales, Trade-Ins etc.

: Lease Agreement, Drayage (Delivery, Pickup & Re-spot), Amortization, Levelization and "Convert Lease to the 1st of the month" capability, Close out lease with buy out capability, buy out calculator etc.

Deliveries, Re-Spots and Pickups, Driver / Vendor Assignment, Time Clock, Detention calculation, etc.

: Rental, Sales & Lease, Unit availability, unit reservation, Miscellaneous item etc.

: Unit Repairs (Internal and Customers), Preventative Maintenance, Parts Inventory, Parts Orders, ITS Parts Order Wizard, Parts Check-In, Requisition Parts (Mechanic), Stock room and part label generation, Repair Procedures, Maintenance Procedures, System Assembly etc.

Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Invoicing, Void Invoices, Postings, General Ledger Links , Income over Expense Views, Income and Expense broken down by Unit, Transaction Type, Salesman and Mechanic etc.

Fleet purchase and sales, Leads retention, Auto customer and unit matching, Mix & match fleet sales, Accurate Income and expenses by unit and fleet etc.

Tire Tracking
: Tire Purchase, Mount, Dismount Tires, Rotate Tires, Update tread depth, Retread tires, Repair tires, Tire Inspections, Tire rotation procedures, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) capability, etc.

Miscellaneous Item Rental:
Independent item rentals and Sales

Counter Sales:
Customer recognition, Credit Sales etc.

Master Files:
Truck, Trailer, Container, Parts, Miscellaneous Items, Tires, Standard and Special Customer Rates, Customer, Vendor  etc.

Expense over Income Views (daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly), Allow discounts on the fly, Daily status graphs and reports, Employee schedulers etc.

Reminder Service:
Unit FHWA Inspections, Unit License Expirations, Preventative Maintenance, Quote follow ups, Drayage, Customer Late Payments, Outstanding Quotes etc.

Help Screens, Teach Me How, Calculator, Buy out Calculator, Depreciation, Multi-Media, Calendar & Diary, Internet connection, Word Processing, Spread Sheet and a lot more…


Overview of ITS


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