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Overview of TMS.



The Tire Management System (TMS) is the total solution to managing your tires. (which constitute 4% of your vehicle price.) The following are the modules that comprise TMS:

Tire Tracking
: Tire Purchase, Mount, Dismount Tires, Rotate Tires, Update tread depth, Retread tires, Repair tires, Tire Inspections, Tire rotation procedures, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) capability, etc.

Deliveries, and Pickups, Driver / Vendor Assignment, Time Clock, etc.

Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, General Ledger Links , Income over Expense Views, Income and Expense broken down by Tire, Transaction Type, and Mechanic etc.

Master Files:
Tires, Parts, Miscellaneous Items, Vendor  etc.

Expense over Income Views (daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly), Daily status graphs and reports, Employee schedulers etc.

Reminder Service:
Tire Inspections, Unfilled purchase, repair and inspection orders , Preventative Maintenance, Drayage,  etc.

Help Screens, Teach Me How, Calculator, Buy out Calculator, Depreciation, Multi-Media, Calendar & Diary, Internet connection, Word Processing, Spread Sheet and a lot more…


  Overview of TMS

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