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The Integrated Transportation Systems (ITS)

Integrated transportation systems (ITS) Click here for an overview of the Integrated Transportation Systems (ITS)...


ITS is an extremely powerful information tool that gives the trucking professional almost total control over the entire rental, lease and sales activity of their companies. It incorporates the Tire Management System as well as the Container Management System in their entirety.

Get the bottom line for a single unit or your entire fleet with just a click or a key press. Get information on how income relates to expenses, either by a single unit or the entire fleet. Keep track of tires, expiration dates for licenses, FHWA inspections, equipment damage history, customer billing for damage, preventative maintenance etc.

ITS treats EVERY piece of equipment -- from a lock to the largest flatbed -- as a cost center. It stores every transaction, whether it be income or expense, and puts it all together to present you with the BIG picture.

Automatically generate work orders for unit maintenance or repairs.

Customer credit worthiness is ensured by synchronizing ITS with your accounting software package. Your employees will have access to your customer profiles, including data on credit limits, insurance, etc. Whenever a customerís data is entered either in the accounting package or in ITS, your records are automatically updated. Any employee you authorize can set special customer rates and/or extend credit.

The big question: Is all this worth learning a new computer system? In a word: "Yes!"

We at Imagine Corporation understand your concern. Clumsy, complicated computer systems cost time and money. But, ITS gives the term "user friendly" a new meaning. ITS guides the user through every step of the way and is extremely forgiving. There is clarity of design throughout, and the fit between ITS and the trucking industry is glove tight.

Every step for managing the dayís work is built in and at your fingertips, building user confidence right from the start. Examples: TIRs are stored with the unit diagram. Marking damage on a unit is just a click away. Mounting, dismounting and rotating tires on a unit? Nothing could be simpler!

The list goes on and on. Contact us and we will tell you more


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