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Frequently asked questions.



What operating system do I need to run your software?

All of our solutions run seamlessly in the Microsoft’s Windows operating systems. i.e. Windows 98 through Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

What accounting packages do your solutions interact with? 

All of our solutions have a  pretty powerful accounting packages built into them, that maintain payments, expenses and generates their own invoices, it synchronizes its customer and vendor files with your accounting package if needed, presenting you with an accurate customer and vendor profile.

We have built a "Black Box" which acts as a center layer between your accounting package and our solutions. Your accounting package can be incorporated in here as long as it supports the Microsoft ODBC protocol.

Do I need a network to run your solutions?

Yes; All of our solutions come in 2 versions:

The Multi-user version is for companies with unlimited users or computers running in a single location. We recommend a Microsoft’s Windows 100 Base T network on a Windows 2000/2003 server.

The Enterprise version is for companies with users in multiple location. We recommend a Microsoft’s Windows 100 Base T / 1 GB network on a Windows 2000/2003 server running Terminal services.

What size companies will your solutions support?

All of our solutions are available in 2 versions. The Multi-user version is for companies with 10 - 5,000 units in a single location. The Enterprise version supports the multi-national companies with up to 500,000 units in multiple locations.

Do you charge by the number of users and units?

there is never an extra charge for the number of computers nor the number of units. In other words unlimited users and units.

Will I have to buy new computers?

Our products require at least a 400 MHz Desk Top computer with at least 500 MB (1 GB recommended) of free disk space and 256 MB (512 recommended) RAM. They operate in a Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP & NT environment.

 The Multi-user and the Enterprise version require a Windows network running on a Windows 2000/2003 server. In addition the Enterprise version requires Terminal services

How can your solutions help me run my business better?

All of our solutions treat EVERY piece of equipment -- from a lock to the largest flatbed -- as a cost center. They stores every transaction, whether it be income or expense, and put it all together to present you with the total BIG picture.

Get information on how income relates to expenses, either by single unit or the entire fleet. Keep track of tires, expiration dates for licenses, FHWA inspections, equipment damage history, customer billing for damage, preventative maintenance for DOT compliance. Automatically generate work orders for unit maintenance and repairs. The list goes on and on. The bottom line for any single unit or your entire fleet is just a click or key press away. Contact us and we will tell you more

What about support?

We at Imagine Corp. have heard too many horror stories - How you were promised the world before you signed on the dotted line, and now you can't even get the receptionist on the line.

Our solutions comes with a standard affordable support contract. This entitles you to 28 hours of support a year between the hours of 7 AM - 7 PM YOUR Time. Of Course business critical support is always available 24 hours of the day whether you opt for the support contract or not. Our premium support agreement entitles you to round-the-clock support and unlimited calls

All of our solutions have a feature built into them which we refer to as “24/7 Error Report”. Any time our solutions run into an error an email is automatically generated and sent to our Support Unit and your systems administrator as well. We will call you within the hour and rectify the problem on line. This service is always free with no limitations.

Our support unit is staffed 24 hours a day. You will ALWAYS get a human being at Imagine Corp. Your calls will be answered within 60 minutes or less or the support call is FREE.

How much will all this cost?

All of our solutions are extremely affordable, if not downright cheap. The licensing fee to use our solutions is based upon the version (Stand alone, Multi-user or Enterprise. Contact us and we will tell you more.


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