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Container Management Systems (CMS)

Container Management Systems (CMS) Click here for an overview of the Container Management Systems (CMS)...


CMS is an extremely powerful information tool that gives container rental companies almost total control over their entire rental, lease and sales activity. CMS, in its scaled down version, is an integral part of ITS.

CMS was created for our clients who rent, lease and/or sell containers. CMS provides all the functionality of ITS. It tracks your containers from the time of purchase to final disposition whether you rent Domestic or Overseas.

CMS treats EVERY container as a cost center. It stores every transaction, whether it is income or expense, and puts it all together to present you with the BIG picture.

Synchronizing CMS with your accounting software package ensures customer credit worthiness. Your employees will have access to your customer profiles, including data on credit limits, insurance, etc. Whenever a customerís data is entered either in the accounting package or in ITS, your records are automatically updated. Any employee you authorize can set special customer rates and/or extend credit.

The list goes on and on. Contact us and we will tell you more...


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