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Accelerator A chemical which speeds the vulcanization of rubber; used in tire compounds to reduce curing time.
Activator A rubber compound chemical used to help initiate the vulcanization process.
Adjustment A prescribed allowance given to a customer toward the replacement of product pursuant to the warranty.
Aging A reduction of physical and chemical properties of rubber by oxidation over a period of time.
Air Pressure Force exerted by air within a tire, expressed in pounds per square inch or kilopascals.
Alignment Angles of the tire and suspension axes relative to each other and the ground: caster, camber, toe. Also, the adjustment of components to bring them into a predetermined position for the most efficient operation of wheel and vehicle for proper even tire wear.
Alpha-Numeric A load-based tire sizing system containing the load capacity, type of tire construction, aspect ratio, and the rim diameter in inches.
Anti-Roll bar A steel torsion bar, linking the left and right side of a suspension. It comes into play during cornering. As the car leans in a turn, the anti-roll bar resists this leaning by transferring more weight to the outside tire. It provides a means to achieve good handling from stiff roll resistance while maintaining a comfortable ride through soft springs.
Antioxidant A chemical, which when added to a rubber compound, prevents surface oxidation; used in tire tread and sidewall compounds to prevent weather checking and cracking.
Aspect Ratio The dimensional relationship between tire section height and section width; section height divided by section width.
Autocross Type of auto competition where cars transverse a twisting course marked by pylons. Sometimes referred to as a Gymkhana.
Axial Play The up-and-down movement of a ball joint.
Axle A cross support of a vehicle on which its road wheels turn.

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